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    "In order to see the LIGHT, we must experience and acknowledge the dark..."


    I am a heart-based yoga & mindfulness meditation instructor with a specialization in workplace & career mindfulness. As a consultant with a Master’s degree in Business Management, I combine business practices with my holistic & spiritual practices and weave together strategic planning & management practices to support my clients in developing strategies that help them manifest their visions, create and foster sustainable work environments for employees, and help them confidently lead ethical businesses that the world needs more of!”


    Through my personal healing journey, I have become an advocate of the philosophy that each of us should live the lives WE love, and I encourage my students, loved ones and community to use meditation to quiet the mind and manifest their truest heartfelt desires. Along with doing my own traveling, my heart-work centers in bringing alternative holistic healing & body positives practices to my systemically under-resourced community of South LA.




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    Yoga and Body Image Coalition community partner. YBIC, works toward creating a safe space for bodies of all types and promoting yoga that is accessible, body positive, and reflects the full range of human diversity.