• self LOVE = FREE me

    A Conscious ONLINE Community Group

    Did you know Self-Care is one of the most important actions you can take each day?


    Teaching yourself how to prioritize YOURSELF can be HARD, especially in this world that we live in. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll begin to prioritize yourself and set boundaries, your personal happiness will increase; you’ll be able to show up better and authentically for others, you’ll start to live a life that you love and are inspired by! You may even start that business you’ve been dreaming about.


    In this CONSCIOUS online group, you will get support for five-weeks to help you GET out of your way and JUMP START your practice of RADICALLY loving and showing up for YOU!


    To make it even more special and intimate, there is limited space!


    If you have a practice, but need a little extra support OR if you’ve been considering a coach, but were unsure of how it all works, here is the sign that you've been waiting for to help get your life back!


    You’re breathing right?? When are you going to actually start LIVING?


    With Light,



    How it works:

    Private Facebook group-access

    60-minute (weekly) Group Check-in - Virtual

    Group Accountability

    Self-care plan w/ materials



    $90 for the entire 5-weeks.


    Registration for February is now OPEN!