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    "Before my time with Alli, my daily practice was scattered, now it's calm, focused, has opened me up & helps me stay in the moment. I am very grateful for the work we did & time shared"

    Working with Alli has been phenomenal! I went into the work with a very specific goal in mind & I got way more than I bargained for & that is a very good thing!

    Facing yourself & uprooting your patterns to make positive changes isn't always easy but Alli is a great guide who connects with you & helps you peel back the layers, wipes your tears, cheers you on & gives you that extra push if you need it!


    - Kamliah (Educator, writer & actress)


    "I felt safe with Alli. I felt like I could be honest about how I felt stupid or like a non-believer in the beginning. I felt like I could talk through things, work through them…and she allowed me to find my path"

    "I started working with Allison in her 30-day program because I knew I was in trouble. I knew I was unhappy and lost. I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted; I just knew I felt totally gone and resigned. However, it wasn’t until our first meeting that I realized just how detached from myself I had become. And what’s scarier, it wasn’t until our first meeting that I realized just how much I’d given up on myself and life. It’s amazing how long we can go on without even knowing how deeply we’ve buried ourselves beneath pain, judgment, and defeat. Allison’s first accomplishment was getting me to see that. Our first meeting totally woke me up, and in the 30 days that followed, she really worked hard with me."


    - Sarah

    (entrepreneur | actor | writer | creative | co-nitro coffee roaster | animal rescue)



    "Since I have been on this journey I want to go out and shout it on a mountain top! I want everyone to know how good you can feel!"

    "Before working with Alli, I was in a not in a happy place. I was having such a difficult time finding a peace in my life.


    After a few weeks, working with Alli began to feel like church for me. I began learning new ways to take care of myself, how to be more mindful at work, with my family and in my life and most importantly, how to stop and breathe. Before I working with her, I was feeling so stuck and as a "fixer," I got to use to trying to fix everything and everyone. With Alli's help, I quickly began to realize, that I can only be responsible for myself and allow others to be who they are and truly love and support them unconditionally.


    Meditation should be a part of every person’s life. Even if isn’t in a group setting, at your desk in your mind, stop worrying about tomorrow or thinking about yesterday tomorrow isn’t promised, learn to live for today!" - Debbie (Management)



    "Before working with Alli, I couldn't meditate for 30 seconds, much less 20 minutes. Anxiety was a much more prevalent emotion than the calm, centered focus I was needing in my life"

    "Alli Simon is truly a one-of-a-kind meditation and life coach practitioner, one I've been willing to follow to various studios and to sit in hours of traffic just for the blissful experience of being in her calm, gentle, and supportive energy. Her years of practice and the continuous dedication to, and evolution of, her craft is evident in every moment of her guided meditation and individualized focus. Going to her class became a game changer for me; I began to manifest tremendous opportunities in my creative field, gained self confidence, felt more empowered, and am now able to trust my inner "GPS" to guide me to the next level of success. I am very blessed to have found her!"


    - Clare (singer/songwriter/producer)



    "Had I not worked with Alli, I wouldn’t be clear on my intentions for my community-based business."

    "Before working with Alli, I had ideas for my business and I had executed a few things, but I needed someone to help pull out more details and ideas to help me begin to move to the next level. I was doing everything myself and I knew I needed someone to support me.

    The biggest thing I got was truly defining what I wanted for my business, personally and confidently. We then pulled back the layers of my life and I was able to see patterns in my personal life that were blocking me from actually creating the business in my heart.

    I would have wasted a lot of time, resources and money without a clear understanding of what was next." 


    - Lauren (digital experience developer & entrepreneur) www.tickleberryplace.com