M A N I F E S T A T I O N... a word that many of us use so freely when something in our lives happens exactly the way we wanted it to. Which is often confused with a W I S H.

Did you know manifestation doesn't only come when the good arrives in our lives? Our manifestations come from deep heart processes that move us in the direction of alignment. Some times that comes with less desired outcomes too. Still, even in the seemingly 'bad' we are being led to our HIGHEST & COLLECTIVE good. 

Truly our manifestations are never really about YOU/US/ME any way - but rather it's the type of shift you can create in this world when your life is aligned with energy. See & feel the shifts by remember what you are creating is always for the collective good -- not the self.

the tarot

These messages can be super difficult and hard to digest. I find myself often wanting a different outcome or the message to be what I want it to be and instead, I have to take a deep breath and let it sink it. On the flip side, I can find the light at the end and receive reminders to recognize the beauty that is all around. ✨

Learning how to use the #tarot to tap into my #subconscious has been one of the greatest gifts in recent years. — I’ve regularly used angel and other oracle cards (which I still appreciate) but when it came to tarot, I had a deep #fear of it being dark, heavy and ‘bad’ —along with other passed down religious beliefs that kept me from tapping in. Thankfully, I moved through that.

MORAL of all this... recognize where fear and old beliefs of how things “should be” are stopping you and realize that YOUR full expressed LIFE just may be on the other side of that. You deserve to be #FREE.


humble yourself. let go of the ego. find your compassion. LOVE yourself MORE — otherwise, right when you think you’re enlightened and you’ve learned all you need to know and you’re the ‘expert’ — this practice will always bring you back to the beginning. That’s for certain. This is the work.

I was discussing this with someone who was having a hard time in yoga class, because they couldn’t find their balance and was frustrated because usually everything they do is so “perfect” (their words not mine) and their practice was getting stronger. My response to them, “welcome to your practice!”

Right when we are feeling the practice is perfect (which it will never be) we’ll become faced with reality, particularly if your ego is standing in the way of it. We strive to be the best, the most sought out, the most liked & followed and the best one in a particular field — when it isn’t about any of that... but rather how present we can be with WHAT IS, how deeply can we love our purpose and how are you showing up when things are pretty AND not so pretty?

If you’re struggling in any area, notice where your life is asking you to get present, breathe through it, find that compassion, that love and patience for the self, otherwise... life will find a way to humble you, it will stop you in your tracts until you do - on the mat and off the mat. .

This is a metaphor for life itself. 

We are all just beginners.

why meditate??

Why Meditate? —

“Many of us are slaves to our minds. Our own mind is our worst enemy. We try to focus and our mind wanders off. We try to keep stress at bay, but anxiety keeps us awake at night. We try to be good to the people we love, but then we forget and put ourselves first. And when we want to change our life, we dive into spiritual practice and expect to see quick results, only to lose focus after the honeymoon has worn off. We return to our state of bewilderment. We’re left feeling helpless and discouraged.... Training our mind through peaceful abiding, we can create an alliance that allows us to actually use our mind, rather than be used by it.” - Sakyong Mipham