the tarot

These messages can be super difficult and hard to digest. I find myself often wanting a different outcome or the message to be what I want it to be and instead, I have to take a deep breath and let it sink it. On the flip side, I can find the light at the end and receive reminders to recognize the beauty that is all around. ✨

Learning how to use the #tarot to tap into my #subconscious has been one of the greatest gifts in recent years. — I’ve regularly used angel and other oracle cards (which I still appreciate) but when it came to tarot, I had a deep #fear of it being dark, heavy and ‘bad’ —along with other passed down religious beliefs that kept me from tapping in. Thankfully, I moved through that.

MORAL of all this... recognize where fear and old beliefs of how things “should be” are stopping you and realize that YOUR full expressed LIFE just may be on the other side of that. You deserve to be #FREE.