• Individual & Group Meditation/ Yoga Practice
  • Workshops/ Group Facilitation/Retreats
  • Manifestation Work

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind and giving ourselves permission for a short time to stop planning, stop reacting, stop expecting, and JUST BE in the NOW. It takes time, but the more we practice being present, the more natural it feels. After a while, we find ourselves able to do it in many situations, letting go of the need to change ourselves or others.” It is all about finding the most impactful route to your freedom: mentally, emotionally, and financially!”


Group Facilitation/workshops/retreats

as a heart-based yoga & mindfulness meditation instructor with over 15 years in the non-profit field, I also hold a Master’s in Management. I combine my business practices with holistic & spiritual practices and weave together strategic planning & management practices to support leaders & teams in developing strategies that create and foster sustainable work environments and help them confidently lead ethical businesses that the world needs more of!

In addition, I lead self-care ritual, full/new moon ceremonies and other community-based discussion groups focused on healing & grounding or businesses, community-based programs & collectives.  



what is manifestation?

How would if feel to wake up and decide what your day will be like and then have the tools to actually make it happen? Believe it or not, many of the answers to those questions lie dormant in our own hearts, and it takes just a little patience to developing a connection to your heart and tap into your intuition to decide where to go next. 

I am here listen to your story and remind you of what is possible... whatever you can imagine IS possible!