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Alli (She/Her) is a 300RYT certified yoga and meditation facilitator from South LA. She commits her energy to the field of philanthropy where she works with nonprofits dedicated to systems change and racial justice. Alli has been practicing meditation for over 15 years. Her journey began as a way to heal from loss and trauma. What began as just a personal journey and practice, led to her sharing with friends and family and eventually throughout communities. She is devoted to increasing access to self-care practices for people of color and marginalized folks. She believes that tools, like meditation and yoga, can help foster a more compassionate, resilient and heart-centered community. Alli currently teaches regularly at Everybody Gym, APLA Health and The Underground Museum.

What is ॐ |OM| girl?

Two things.

1. OM ॐ - Is considered the sacred sound of the universe that connects us all. 

2. A play on words - OM in this case is short for 'home' - like Home-GIRL, ya know? Regardless of my practices, education, profession & spiritual understandings, I'm still just a normal girl from South Central L.A. who believes that #VISIBILITYMATTERS 




In Spring’2019 Alli partnered with adidas + Wanderlust to provide a 3-part meditation series that will guide you through ways to connect with your breath, yourself and the world.

More online meditations coming soon!

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  • Individual & Group Meditation/ Yoga Practice

  • Workshops/ Group Facilitation/Retreats


Meditation & Yoga

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind + giving ourselves permission for a short time to stop planning, stop reacting, stop expecting, + JUST BE in the NOW. It takes time, but the more we practice being present, the more natural it feels. After a while, we find ourselves able to do it in many situations, letting go of the need to change ourselves or others.” It is all about finding the most impactful route to your freedom: mentally + emotionally.”


Group Facilitation/workshops/retreats

as a yoga + mindfulness meditation facilitator with over 15 years in the non-profit field, I also hold a Master’s in Management. I combine my business practices with wellness practices to support leaders + teams in developing strategies that create + foster sustainable work environments + help them confidently lead ethical businesses that the world needs more of!

In addition, I lead self-care ritual, full/new moon ceremonies + other community-based discussion groups focused on healing & grounding or businesses, community-based programs + collectives.  


Classes & Workshops


Meditation Classes:

  • Mindful Monday at the Underground Museum (Hosted by Tropics):

    • Every Monday at 7:30pm

    • Location: 3508 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles

    • Cost: Free


Yoga Classes:

  • Coming soon

Free ONLINE Meditations:

  • HERE (More online meditations coming soon!)

Upcoming Events/Workshops

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